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Horror/Creepypasta Roleplay Discord Server
    Hello there, I've decided that Chatzy is just to terrible, and decided that Discord is the best server to go by, you can find it for download for windows here and for android here
Basic Rules:
   Yes, Original Characters are ACCEPTED !! There is a Character Submission on the Channels that will be talked about later down the page !!
Yes, you can play as canon characters as well !! It's also addressed downwards so read on my friend.
Doubles of the same Canon Character are NOT accepted, so if we have someone playing Jeff the Killer, there will be no other Jeff The Killer's Sorry.
It's a 3rd Person RP, if you don't know what this is, it means everything must be written in 3rd person. Not 'I look at you sobbing' or 'Delilah: *casts spell* Welp', 3rd person, paragraph replies only sorry.
Your gra
:iconpoplio:poplio 3 1
Listen to the pitter patter of the rain,
Feel the rain drop kissing your cheeks,
As you step on the pavement awash with mud;
Witness the rain curtains announcing the play,
And observe the breathtaking canvas of our nature.
Look at the man with his white umbrella,
Listen to him humming softly in his bulky blue boots;
As he dances his tale to the universe,
The thunder rumbles for him,
And lightning flicks the camera for him.
Observe the children splashing in the puddles,
And notice the rain caressing their heart;
As the rain drop trickles down their rosy cheeks,
The breeze brushes their fears away,
And the trees sway to applaud their laughter.
Doze off on the wet grass after the summer rain,
And sniff the refreshing scent of damp nature;
Listen to the birds tweet and the frogs croak,
And the orchestra of the crickets under the trickling leaf;
Gaze at the clouds wandering in the blue sky,
And smile at the summer sun hiding behind the clouds.
:iconmilk-and-pie:Milk-and-Pie 37 20
Stitch your lips
Seal your heart
Close your ears
Shut out the world
Shut out the noise
Keep everything silent
Hide away
Run away
Stay away
People will hurt you
So lock away your heart
Throw away the key
Hide away
Stitch your lips
Seal your heart
Close your ears
Start to hide
Start to run
Stay away
Seal out the noise
Seal everything out
Just run away
Run away
Everyone will hurt you
Even the ones who love you
So hide away
Stitch your lips
Seal your heart
Close your ears
Hide away
Run away
Stay away
:iconforeststone:Foreststone 27 28
All I wanted...
My human heart
Requires attention
A person to heal it
But nobody seems to care
But then someone suddenly appears
With the wrong intentions
Giving me false hope
You are just like all the rest
You use me
Like a mere toy
And wants to throw me away when I'm no longer useful
But I object
I ask and I beg and I plead
But you do not listen
And just go away
Leaving me behind once again
And here I am
Once again
Alone in the darkness
With another piece of my soul broken
:iconnightreign123:Nightreign123 10 18
Always been forgotten,
Always will be.
Shadows seek me, reaching for me.
Forgotten again.
When will I stop trusting I'll be remembered?
Forgotten is my name,
I chose it,
I chose it not knowing how true it was.
So true..
So alone...
So forgotten.
Shadows surround me, grabbing hold of me.
No escape from being forgotten.
Always forgotten,
And always will be.
Hurts to be forgotten,
But forgotten I am,
Again and again.
No one remembers someone like me,
I'm not worth remembering.
Shadows bind me, and pull me down.
Twisting my heart,
You promise to remember me.
Forgotten so often, do I trust again?
Do I trust you'll remember me.
You follow a dream,
A vision of someone who may or may not be.
Someone who isn't me.
Don't promise not to forget me,
You will forget about me, everyone does.
I've been forgotten too often,
By too many people who promised not to forget me.
Hurt too much.
Wish I could forget about the shadows the way other people forget about me.
They haunt me,
:iconforgotten-poet:Forgotten-Poet 29 5
The Abused
Their Eyes
Have many stories hidden behind them
They stare at you blankly
Sadness and pain buried deep within
But you won't catch a tear shed from them
Their hands and feet
Brutally beaten, trashed, slashed, and stepped upon
By the ones who cruelly made them victimized
Forced to live fearing for their lives
Yet they refuse to break and continue to survive
Their hearts
Forever scarred from being completely broken to pieces
From the tortures of abuse for the many years
Not knowing who to trust
Though they continue to stay strong
Their brains
Images carved deep inside them
Of everlasting turmoil
Confused on what they did wrong
Yet still able to live life like nothing is wrong
Their strength
Is Incomparable to anything on this earth
As they fight to survive for those who have been silenced
By the deeds of the criminal minded abuser
And will together have the courage to break past the chains of evil
Together they stand
Hand in hand
Refusing to be de
:iconvampykittenxox:VampyKittenXoX 74 50
An angel on broken wings
The fact that I am broken is something I cannot deny
You came and started fixing it in the blink of an eye
All you have ever done is show me unconditional love
That is why I think you are an angel sent from up above
It saddens me that when talking I run out of things to say
I want to talk through the night, until dawn the next day
You are the one who has helped me to overcome all my fear
Now I see the world in a way that is ever so much more clear
I have come to think, for this world, you are far too good
You have shown me a love which no one else ever could
You are the one I will defend in any and all confrontations
I won't see tears on the face of one of gods purest creations
You live your life day to day, burdening far too much pain
Yet you are still able to see the simple beauty in the rain
You always make your point, despite not being outspoken
You remain so morally strong, despite being partially broken
Despite being too good for this world all you do is care
The fact you find yo
:iconblueturtle9:Blueturtle9 81 65
I sit here typing, watching the rain and feeling really down
I am stuck at home instead of being with people in the town
They are with their friends, the ones that they care about
I'm stuck here in solitude, the sadness I'm trying to shut out
I think the loneliness is something that is causing my madness
It went beyond the point where I was simply filled with sadness
To think, I wanted a couple of hours by myself to deal with my pain
Then my "friends" turned their backs on me, never to call me again
I have tried and failed to reach out, now I wait for a friend to come
Though I know that they never will, now the only thing I am is numb
I am not foolish, I know these feelings extend to more than just a few
Heck, maybe reading this even you feel the exact same way as I do
If so, you know reaching out to people can be an exercise in futility
And the back stabbing nature of people pushes us, causing volatility
Though now I think about it there is something to you I need to confess
It is not
:iconblueturtle9:Blueturtle9 25 27
Let Go
You think that you know me
Better than the rest
But the truth is
You don't know me at all
To you
I am a robot
That is trained to do
Just as you command
To you
I am a puppet
Enslaved by the tugging of strings
To obey your orders
To you
I should be the perfect image
Of what you expect
Me to be
To you
I will always be the little girl
That should and will always be
Unfortunately for you
I can't be these things
For I am my own person
With dreams and feelings of my own
And the more you dwell
Upon those thoughts
The farther away we will be
At the end of the road
:iconvampykittenxox:VampyKittenXoX 20 15
Familiar faces all around,
But all that I can do is frown
Because they all just pass me by
Without a single passing "hi."
To make matters worse, everyone is in a clique
And I am never their first pick;
Somehow I'm always pushed aside
And always left aloneto die.
I never know what there is to do
So I sit here like a forgotten shoe.
I'm left behind once again,
Left alone to rot in my own sin.
So I'll sit here under my favorite tree,
And write my heartbroken poetry.
:iconzenzero541:zenzero541 159 118
Butterfly Dreamer
Butterfly fly away
To a bright and better day
She will fulfill her dreams
And stitch all the seams
That were torn
And worn
From the pain
Of the rain
No one can stop her
She will no longer have to suffer
Because she's soaring to new heights
Each day and night
Not letting anyone tear her seams
Because she's living her dreams
For on the wings of a butterfly
There is no limit but the sky
So she will continue to soar
:iconvampykittenxox:VampyKittenXoX 35 17
They stare at you
Hatred in their eyes
They taunt you
Cursing you with lies
They want you gone
They want you dead
Forever to lie
In a pool of red
Why do they do this!
You cry out loud
Stuff like this
Shouldn't even be allowed!
You finally decide
You have endured enough pain
And it is time to end
All of the stormy rain
You take the blade
And cut deep into your skin
Now they can be happy
You're gone, they win
:iconvampykittenxox:VampyKittenXoX 43 38
Little Broken Angel
She runs to her bedroom
When she hears her Daddy come home
   She won't come out
   Without a fight
Her Daddy calls her
With a sweet tone
  But she's old enough
   To not be fooled so easily

He comes up the stairs
   And knocks on her door
Telling her he has a present
   She curls up under her covers
Frightened beyond belief
Why does he do this to her?
   Why would he abuse
      His one and only daughter?
And then put on an act
   In front of her Mama
      And two brothers
Like he's the world's best Daddy
   Maybe she'd be willing to go to him
   If he hadn't touched her

He gets tired of waiting
   And opens the door
He's starting to fume
   And heads over to her bed
He grabs her from out of the bed
And slaps his hand ov
:iconvampykittenxox:VampyKittenXoX 47 36
aves343 by redbeard31 aves343 :iconredbeard31:redbeard31 14 2 aves303 by redbeard31 aves303 :iconredbeard31:redbeard31 53 25 aves220 by redbeard31 aves220 :iconredbeard31:redbeard31 34 12


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I''ve made a few poems. Check them out if my gallery, if you want. c: You'll find art of my characters and such.

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